Mango Bango Recipe Guide 2022

Mango Bango is your new favorite dessert! It’s perfectly sweet and creamy and loaded with fresh mango and palm fruits for the ultimate tropical treat.

The juicy mangoes, mini sago, and gelatin cubes plus the sweetened cream infused with more mango flavor combine into a delicious summer treat the whole family will love.

Mango Bango Recipe Guide 2022


Mangoes- I highly recommend Manila mangoes or a similar cultivar, Ataulfo as they’re juicier and sweeter in taste and have smooth flesh without a lot of fibers.

Kong- sugar palm fruits are usually bottled in heavy syrup so make sure to drain well to keep from overly sweetening the mango mixture. Nata de coco- also packed in a sugary liquid; drain well All-purpose cream- heavy cream, evaporated milk, or half and half are also good options.

Mango Bango Recipe Guide

Prep instructions

With a knife, slice the cheeks of five of the mangoes off the pits. Scoop flesh and cut into cubes. Set aside. Slice the remaining mango and scoop the flesh. In a food processor or blender, process the flesh until puree. In a colander, drain the nata de coco and kaong well.

In a bowl, combine mango cubes, nata de coco, kaong, mango puree, condensed milk, and all-purpose cream. Stir until well distributed.
Cover with plastic film and refrigerate to chill. Serve cold.

How to serve

Mango bango is delicious as an after-meal dessert or midday snack. It can be served chilled or frozen. It can be prepped ahead; perfect when serving a large crowd! Store in a container with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate for up to three days or freeze for up to one month.

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